Contemporary Art Vision

This series show scenes of everyday life interpreted or perceived through the codes of Contemporary Art. This is not a vision of Contemporary Art, but a vision through the Contemporary Art. The videos are captured live, the subject and/or the location is filmed as is, with very few post-production (just some cuts). The sound is the original one, without any addition. My intervention predominantly in the choice of subjects, the framing, and the successive shots. In a way, this is "ready made" video. [ d'infos...]

Graff Video (

I define as "graff video" all graphic drawings made with a video camera, with the light as medium (and its various parameters: intensity, color, brightness), and recording as support (video film). The mark of light on the recording gives the graff video. The video camera is handled like a spray-can in the "classic" graff. The camera can be shaken in a continuous way to make a tag or a mark detached from the rest of the image, or it can be jiggled irregularly to make some effects of matters or bright environments. The camera can also remain fixed, on a bright point, or facing light sources in motion. [...more info...]

Portraits Vidéo

Portraits made in 1990, using the diversion of the titration function of a video camera, and a radio cassette player. Each portrait consists of a succession of poses captured progressively. Portraits made live, without preparation, in a given place and in a limited time, without postproduction. For each portrait, the sequences are linked directly with an immediate result. [...more info...]